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Quick Pulse Heat Sealing

Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) sealing technology incorporates a unique seal bar and anvil design to create a narrow width seal with superior performance characteristics and offers material savings.


Creates narrow seal width - up to 10% material savings

Heat up/cool down phases ensure high integrity seal

Easily retrofitted and user friendly

Reduced downtime and longer service life

Quick Pulse Heat Sealing

Our Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) sealing technology is a cyclic,cut and seal system which can be used on all thermoplastic films.

There are two stages to the Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) seal process. During the cut and seal phase, the jaws close on the film, and the desired temperature of the heated bar is reached and maintained by a designated temperature controller. This is held for the required duration and then removed.

The second stage is the cooling phase of the heat seal process; the temperature of the sealed area is cooled rapidly by a stream of water through the sealing bar.
This process allows higher fusion temperatures without overheating the material and the finished seal being weakened by subsequent handling.
The QPH sealing system ensures that heat and pressure are applied evenly across the sealing surface of the material, creating a completely fused and hermetic seal.

The cut/seal and cooling stages take only milliseconds, and this facilitates fast cycling times and an increase in output on production lines.

The seal created by Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) sealing technology is typically 1-1.5mm wide, showing a film material saving of approximately 10% against traditional crimp seals on the cross seal alone. 

The unique blade and anvil design of the QPH system minimises cleaning and maintenance. The heat of the blade is carefully maintained and controlled; therefore film material is rarely burnt onto the equipment (as is common with crimp sealing jaws).

Our QPH sealing technology is suitable for the following materials; polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, polyvinylchloride, laminate, biodegradable and compostable films.

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Our Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) technology in action, fitted to a VFFS bagging machine.

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