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Environmental Sustainability

Our heat-sealing technologies reduce film waste, are compatible with recyclable and compostable materials and can increase the shelf life of fresh products.


Reducing plastic consumption:

In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging.

There are several UK initiatives aimed at changing the way that plastics are designed, produced, used, re-used, disposed of and reprocessed by all stakeholders in the plastics chain.

  • The “Plastics Pact”, is a collaboration of businesses, which has set a target to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic packaging, for all plastic packaging to be re‑usable, recyclable or compostable and for 70% to be recycled or composted by 2025.
  • The “Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan” (PIRAP), an industry action plan which includes increased collection of recyclable plastics; improved sorting; and developing end markets for recycled plastics.
  • The “UK Circular Plastics Network” (UKCPN), which aims to bring together plastic product users through a programme of networking and knowledge-sharing events. 


Information source: HM Government: Our waste, our resources: a strategy for England

A Circular Economy A Circular Economy


Ceetak's technologies reducing film waste and energy


Film Reduction

  • Uses less material -  up to 10% film saving compared to conventional crimp sealing       
  • Exact temperature management and open when cool allows for greater control of seal integrity allowing for use of thinner micron film to be used

Energy Reduction

  • Heated bar is applying heat for typically ~200ms rather than a constantly heated bar our QPH and IPH technology use a short burst of energy only when the machine is running
  • Requires less heat energy due to low mass design requiring less material to manufacture
  • Our sealing system uses up to 80% less energy than traditional heat-sealing methods.
  • The use of thermal insulators ensures that heat is conveyed only to the contact sealing face, rather than dispersing into the surrounding environment or being retained in the mass of the parent machine.

Resource Reduction

  • Extending the life of existing capital equipment our technologies are easily retrofitted to existing parent machine, so no resources required for new build
  • Increases shelf life of fresh product by up to 3 days with reliable hermetic seals

New Film Compatibility

  • Unlike conventional sealing methods, which typically seal laminates or polyethylene films, this new generation of heat-sealing system is capable of welding all materials, including paper and board products as well as compostable films, offering you greater flexibility from a single machine.

Sealing of mono-layer materials

  • Our technologies are compatible with mono-layer materials favoured by large consumer companies. Easier to recycle than complex films that are difficult to separate into their base materials.

Bioplastic Compatible Technology

Our technologies are compatible with:

  • Bio-based plastics such as “BioPE” or “BioPET” are chemically identical to their fossil-based versions “PE” and “PET”. Suited to all our technologies.
  • Bioplastic laminates usually a thin layer of PE can be used with environmentally friendly paper products providing a clean protective layer between the product and outer package suited to LVH, PDH, CRH and, IPH.
  • Ceetak’s in-house testing of your samples to prove seal/film integrity.
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