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Environmental Sustainability

Our team of engineers are committed to working with customers to develop heat sealing solutions that maximise process efficiency and support sustainability goals.

We design and manufacture technologies that can reduce film and plastic waste, energy and resource that are compatible with many recyclable and compostable materials.

Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy

Ceetak’s aim is to deliver a sustainable business model where we will work closely with employees, customers, suppliers in all aspects of sustainability. We will ensure that Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are an integral part of our Company Strategy.

We are committed to actively promote sustainability throughout our business, ensuring yearly reduction of our carbon footprint, responsible and ethical procurement, employees who are diverse, inclusive, and engaged in our sustainability journey, in order to meet or exceed all our stakeholder’s expectations. 

We aim to drive sustainability throughout our supply chain, encourage and support them to hold the same values and goals, set aligned net zero targets, and work together towards a sustainable future.

We specifically focus on design and supply of advanced engineered sealing solutions and Heat Sealing technologies, into demanding applications in sectors including life sciences, electrification, biofuels, hydrogen, renewable energies and packaging, allowing our industry-leading customers to develop innovative products that ensure a cleaner and greener world.

Our goal is to reach net zero in line with UN Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, by setting science-based targets which will aim to minimise our emissions, reduce our impact on the planet, whilst at the same time support the global effort to create a more sustainable, ethical, diverse and fair world for future generations.

Plastic: How Ceetak can help your organisation reduce waste packaging


In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging.

There are several UK initiatives aimed at changing the way plastics are designed, produced, used, re-used, disposed of, and reprocessed by all stakeholders in the plastics chain. 

Waste dump of plastic

Examples of these initiatives and how Ceetak is responding:

  • The “Plastics Pact”, which is a collaboration of businesses, which has set a target to:
    - For all plastic packaging to be re‑usable, recyclable or compostable
    - For 70% to be recycled or composted by 2025
  • The “Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan” (PIRAP), an industry action plan which includes increased collection of recyclable plastics; improved sorting; and developing end markets for recycled plastics
  • The “UK Circular Plastics Network” (UKCPN), which aims to bring together plastic product users through a programme of networking and knowledge-sharing events.

Source: HM Government: Our waste, our resources: a strategy for England.

Small green tickOur heat-sealing technologies can demonstrate film savings and reduce packaging film waste

Small green tickOur expert engineers work with your team to provide a bespoke heat-sealing solution to help your organisation achieve sustainability objectives and ensure best practise as a user of plastic products

Small green tickOur heat-sealing solutions are compatible with mono-layer materials. Favoured by large consumer companies, they are easier to recycle than complex films that are difficult to separate into their base materials.

Looking after the environment

Sustainability – how our heat-sealing technologies can reduce film waste and energy


Small green tickWe want to help your organisation achieve its sustainable goals and we’re committed to helping companies produce the most sustainable products possible. This could mean reduction of materials used, using less energy, or working with next generation materials. Or a combination of all three!

How our heat-sealing technologies contribute to a more sustainable future

Film Reduction 

  • Use less material. Our heat-sealing technologies can help customers save up to 10% on film compared to conventional crimp sealing
  • Precise time and temperature management creates consistent, high integrity seals. Film saving is achieved because our technology can be used successfully on thinner gauge films

Energy Reduction

  • Heated bar is applying heat for typically ~200ms rather than a constantly heated bar, our QPH and IPH technology use a short burst of energy only when the machine is running
  • LVH requires less heat energy due to low mass design
  • Our thermal insulators ensure heat is conveyed onto the contact sealing face. This is in contrast to dispersing heat into the surrounding environment or being retained in the parent machine

Resource Reduction

  • Our technologies can fit on to your existing machinery, so no need for additional resource or a completely new build; retrofitting extends the useful life of your machines
  • We work with you to incorporate our technology on your machines to your requirements. Full training is given so you can replace and maintain the parts which means no additional labour or maintenance costs
  • The shelf life of fresh products can be increased by using reliable hermetic seals in the packaging process. This reduces resource and potential food waste

Next generation film and paper-based compatibility

  • Conventional sealing methods typically seal laminates or polyethylene films. Our heat-sealing systems work with a multitude of materials including compostable films
  • We can offer you a greater flexibility of welding all materials including paper and board, as well as films, giving flexibility from a single machine.

Working with next generation biomaterials – how we can support your organisation

With our purpose-built test and development facility, our engineers work in close consultation with customers to create bespoke machinery to seamlessly seal with next generation materials. Our in-house testing ensures the integrity of film/seal samples with our technologies throughout the process.

Our heat-sealing technologies are compatible with:

  • Bio-based plastics such as “BioPE” or “BioPET” are chemically identical to their fossil-based versions “PE” and “PET”. Suited to all our technologies
  • Bioplastic laminates usually a thin layer of PE that can be used with environmentally friendly paper products, providing a clean protective layer between the product and outer package suited to LVH, PDH, CRH and, IPH.

Bio-sourced stamp

The future is bright with bio-based materials and Ceetak Heat Sealing Solutions

As consumer demands increase for more sustainable packaging, we are excited to be working with innovative customers that are committed to helping the Circular Economy.

We are currently working in the test phase with a customer that produces water-soluble packaging. This remarkable material is non-toxic, marine safe and completely soluble in warm and hot water.

As science and engineering is constantly evolving, our skilled engineers are passionate about ensuring combability of all new biomaterials with our machines.

The future of sustainable packaging will help our environment - our mission is to be part of the solution.

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