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Seal Bars & Consumables

We supply a range of spare parts and accessories for our integrated heat sealing systems and for general packaging machinery.


QPH, LVH & IPH seal bars for retrofit to customer systems

Sealing bands available in flat, contoured and 3D designs

Range of consumable products available including teflon tapes and rubbers

Quick response spares delivery service for breakdowns

Our Parts

We supply a wide variety of seal bars in different configurations for our heat sealing technologies and for retrofit into existing customer equipment. We keep an extensive range of seal bars in stock for quick turnaround to fulfil our customer demands. 

Sealing band elements are typically used within our ImPulse Heat Sealing systems. We have a range of flat profile sealing bands for systems featuring continuous sealing. We can assist with the design and manufacture of profiled or contoured sealing bands for bespoke shapes or more demanding sealing requirements.


Want to Know More?

If you have a technical enquiry regarding your application, please contact us and one of our application engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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